Zhao Yun

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Type: Physical

Range: 336

Strength: Damage Dealing

Group strength: Damage Dealing

Specific style: Teleportation,Restore Blood By Attack

Experts Evaluation

Resistance: ★★★

Damage output: ★★★

Assisting capacity: ★☆

Motor: ★★★★


R - Bloody World

Zhao Yun's regular attack converts 30% of damage inflicted into extra HP. Whenever Zhao Yun's HP are down to by 6%, all his cooldowns are reduced by 1 second.

E - Rushed assault

Choose a direction for Zhao Yun to charge to for a certain distance. Every enemy he hits during his charge will suffer 206% Physical damage, while being slowed down by 50% for 1.5 seconds. For every enemy hit, his own Attack will increase by 5% up to 5 times for 3 seconds. All damage inflicted will be turned into extra HP. This Skill can be accumulated twice at most. 1.5 seconds interval between uses.

Space - Dragon Gun

Zhao Yun uses his rifle to summon a Dragon Ghost, inflicting immediately 257% damage to enemies in range. After 1 second, all enemies located within a square area in front will be dragged to a line and suffer 233% damage, while being put in Stasis for 1 second. 50% of damage thus inflicted will be converted into extra HP recovery. Dragon Gun's damage to buildings decreased by 75%