Diao Chan

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Type: Energy

Range: a medium 408.

Group strength: Control + Damage Dealing

Group strength: Control + Damage Dealing

Specific style: Charming (incapacitating) attacks

Experts Evaluation

Resistance: ★★★

Damage output: ★★★★☆

Assisting capacity: ★☆

Motor: ★★☆


Passive Skill: Scattered Flowers

5 seconds cooldown

Diao Chan drops floating flowers every 5 seconds. If an enemy gets too close, the flower will attack him automatically and inflicting damage.

Up to 3 flowers can exist at the same time.

E-Skill: Devastating Charm

10 seconds cooldown

Charms an enemy with hearts in a specified direction. The first target it hits suffers damage. The enemy will be under a charm for 1.5 seconds, during which he will move slowly towards Diao Chan without being able to attack.

Whenever an enemy is under Charm, if hit by [Space - Ethereal Dance], extra damage will be inflicted.

Space skill: Ethereal Dance

30 seconds cooldown

Tosses a flying fan towards a specific direction, inflicting Energy damage to the enemies it hits.  When the fan reaches its max range, it will boomerang back to its owned and inflict extra damage on the way to enemies it hits.

When the first target is hit, Passive skill [Scattered Flowers] will accumulate 3 flowers.

Damage inflicted to constructions diminished by 50%.

SSS Skin: Fire Dancer

Special Characteristics: Flames of Majesty, Heavenly Dance

Evolutions: Standard attack evolution evolves into [Calcinate],

[Scattered Flowers] evolves into [Dragon Dance]

[Devastating Charm] evolves into [Fiery Charm]

[Ethereal Dance] evolves into [Butterfly Fan]

Get through: Purchase from Market